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Financial Literacy Workshops

Grades 3-5:
Financial literacy is the ability to use money to make critical life decisions appropriate for your standard of living. For example: borrowing money for college, buying a home, or establishing credit. A lack of financial literacy can cause challenges: 53% of adults are financially anxious, 54% of Millennials are worried about their student loans, and 4 out of 5 adults face barriers to home ownership. In fact, 27 states earned a grade of C, D, or F in high school financial literacy; that’s more than half the country!
High School:
The Importance of Borrowing (HS/College)Financial literacy helps you manage your money with more confidence. Unfortunately, it’s not something most of us learn in school, even though a whopping 86% of Americans believe it should be a part of standard curriculum. On August 2nd, we continued our workshops for high school & college students with JP Yu, Certified Public Accountant. Attendees focused on the importance of borrowing (and paying back) money.

STEM Summer Camp

What is STEM?
STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. We use all four components of STEM in everyday life. We use science for inquiry and experimentation, technology for learning and working, engineering to improve our quality of life, and math for virtually every job imaginable.
Why is STEM Important?
STEM develops critical thinking skills, science aptitude, and innovative thinking, all of which contribute to economic sustainability. The U.S. Department of Commerce shows a 24% increase in STEM job growth, as compared with a 4% increase in other occupations. Despite these statistics, science and math scores in the United States are lower, on average, than in other developing countries. Last summer we hosted our first ever FREE 6-week Summer STEM Camp. Camp was organized into two age groups: K-5 and 6-12 where students engaged weekly in learning about Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Coding and more!